Why is it so hard for us to say, or believe, or act on the unequivocal belief that no bill before the US Congress or any governing body should ever be negotiated on the backs of human beings living in a state of fear and reprisal?  Procedural tactics are fine in any legislative quarrel however the failure of a majority of elected representative to call out why human beings, why people, without labels are being rounded up and separated from family is not the characteristic of compassionate leaders.  People used as pawns in the pursuit of legislation, is shameful, holy Jesus!

Why should anyone living in the USA be fearful of government?

Every person is Free and labels simply form a precursor for one group of people to forcefully separate another group of human beings from each other.  The Democratic and Republican Party should legally challenge every single deportation that breaks up a mother from her child or a father from his family.  This is what people of conscious do to make things right.

ashamed on MLK day