At times the human condition confuses fairness and equality. Equality is an individual right to a sub set of parameters or choices in a given situation, the right to marry, the right for equal protection under the law, the right to vote. Equality in a constitutional republic is necessary as it enshrines individual right which is why America is so beautiful.

Fairness is a subjective word that holds many meanings to everyone and places an unfair and restrictive impediment to equality by blinding humanity. Its not fair for people who work harder to pay more, sure one may have unfairly gained this employment by whatever unfairly perceived means by the masses but nevertheless they must perform in the manner required of such. Every American has subsidized institutions of health and research contributing greatly to medical achievements and processes.

America was founded on the tyranny of patronage so why must one person pay into a system knowing any equal benefit will be denied upon them due to a subjective view of fairness. Fairness is anemic, it constricts it unfairly implies a notion on any achievement as being somehow unfairly achieved. There can be no equality when fairness is present so however you wake or rise, sit back for just a moment and remember, life is not fair but today you are alive.