One Voice One Life deplores the loss of life and deplores hostage taking, it is a coward’s defense.  We honor the wonderful people who work to bring the unknown face of crisis into world view and the physical aid Americans provide to people in deplorable conditions around the world.

Americans can no longer simply move around the world and not understand that complex geopolitical issues threaten all of our lives.  Individuals must employ a personal aggressive defense inside the United State of America and outside of the United States of America.  We must stop watching as these horrors are unleashed upon our people with rapid deployments to free such captives while preserving life.  Total force reaction must be of such force to intimidate future perpetrators.  Lives will be lost but it is better to loose attempting to preserve life then to sit hopelessly by and watch people die.

An eye for ten eyes is unjustifiable but an eye for an eye is moral and correct.  We must start actively deploying delta force and any country impeding our efforts to save our people shall forfeit all future American aid, benefit and protection.

Threats may temporarily cease or retreat into the darkness but they never go away.  It is our jobs as citizens and as a country to make sure each of us is taking necessary precautions and not leaving ourselves defenseless against these aggressive actions.  There can never be negotiations with madmen and there can never be payment for freedom as this only places a higher dollar amount on American and non-American lives. These madmen do not check immigration status before they attack; this fight encompasses all people residing in the United States of America.

Madmen are everywhere and most news organizations viewed these awful videos to comment and move them forward into world view?  Does a moral person need to view something to consider it immoral? How many people must be captured and killed before history repeats?