Right or wrong, there is a belief that Social Security and Medicare entitlements require cuts. First, we need to reclassify what it means to be disabled. Supplemental Security Income expanded the definition of what qualifies as a disability. This requires a reassessment. Blind people, deaf people, wheelchair confined people, and others with viewable medical disabilities want nothing but equal treatment. While others choose or seek to be disabled by reason of choice or by their inability to prevent themselves from taking an action that continues to self perpetuate their disability.

Americans pay taxes all of our lives, and it starts upon our birth. We pay taxes to go to school, the fuel for our cars, on the cars we drive, the homes we live in, the clothes we wear, heat, electric, communications and the water we drink. We pay taxes on the television services we watch, and the food we eat, and every other tax our government levies upon us on a yearly basis. Americans pay taxes till death do we part and then we pay taxes for dying. So why would you ever want to surrender these small but tangible benefits that we all fund and most rely on in their elder years?

The one thing promised to all Americans is Social Security and this one thing insures that all of us in our old age have at the minimum some form of income with guaranteed health insurance benefits.

Do you really want to invest this money with the same people who crash the market every ten years? Even if you could invest it, it will not work unless all financial vehicles are available or else one market participant would be unduly enriched due to the amount of funds that would suddenly require strict access and control, except by those controlling the money.

With government you have due process, private enterprise is based on delay and litigation requiring you to hold out till you die, or go broke. This is not equitable!

The crash of 2007-2010 caused a significant number of elderly citizens to return to work due to their retirement accounts plummeting by more then 60%, I understand it was their fault, that they did not do their research and made foolish choices, just like the sophisticated investors and pension funds that invested with Bernie Madoff. I get it!

In order for this to be remotely possible access to the markets must expand to include certificate of deposits, life insurance & annuity contracts, US treasuries, and US savings bonds. A flourishing market provides choice, access and the possibility to take a small percentage of what is currently taken from you, and giving you the opportunity to grow it while having the longevity of the guaranteed earnings and medical benefits in the event your plans did not work as expected.

Social Security and Medicare is a thank you from America to all Americans for all of your work and involuntary tax payments.  The age of attainment should rise in conjunction to mortality and cost of living adjustments. The next time you think about privatizing or changing the core mechanics of Social Security, ask yourself, can you really do better with what you are making to insure that you are solvent, while being able to provide for your healthcare costs, while going through the process of aging, and the effects the aging process has on all of us in our elder years.

If you can answer yes to this question then God Bless you for a job well done, you are definitely one of the few, but for the rest of America, Social Security and Medicare is our way of thanking ourselves for the joy of contributing.

Finally, it is inequitable that some folks stop paying into the system at certain income thresholds while enjoying the same benefits as the rest of us. If means testing is not an option then every person earning income up to $500,000 should pay their 7.5% it is that simple. If you think this is unfair, then ask yourself, what other country in this world could you earn thousands without loosing any or most of it at a minutes notice while enjoying the benefits and rights America affords all of us?