Why is telling a women what to do with her body so consistently consistent? Did we forget that this is America land of the free and home of the free? I believe in a women’s right to choose, and I believe this should be limited to four months. As a parent I have witnessed first hand what the fetus looks like at this period of time and it is my view that it becomes impossible to deny the basis of life at this point. Right or wrong, it is how I feel.

I am disappointed in the rhetoric on this issue! In my own life I could have just as easily not been here however, I am here, and my mother nevertheless abandoned me. As for me, I was adopted. Please understand that in my view outside of the opportunity to be a parent the jury is still out on what I think my mothers actions should have been or not been. It is unfortunate that I feel this way but it is this view that is the center of the questions directed to the pro-life advocates and why I must ask what do you really believe in.

On one hand, you rise to the defensive of others, which is rightfully honorable and legitimate, while in the same sentence demanding cuts to entitlements and programs directed specifically at women’s health and the welfare of their children as they grow up. This circular position leads to suffering and evidence supports that women who would be most affected by laws against abortion tend to be women who are economically depressed. Forcing women to have children they may not want or are unable to support while cutting aide to these women and their children is contradictory at best.

On the other side of this argument is the request that a mother abandon her child upon birth to kind and loving strangers over extinguishing life. This is a fairy tale and a position that has profound consequences on both the mother and the child forever, more so for the child. These views seem to support the idea that emotional and physical suffering on women is justified in the name of life that from various medical perspectives occurs at various levels of conception.

Its easy to require that a women give birth but how do you enforce good parenting, how do you force a person to love and make sound financial choices, and why haven’t laws forced men to occupy their role in the process, the whole discussion is one sided and inequitable. Politicians past and present are deficient in their own child rearing hiding their ill-conceived children as illegitimate in their misguided perception, while continuing their perceived perfect life in complete denial of their abandoned roles and responsibilities.

This is disgusting yet legal while a women’s right for reproductive choice is under assault with some states requiring counseling by non-medical personal who tend to be of religious zealotry. These laws are inequitable and must be repealed immediately. These laws and these actions obstruct and violate the tenets of Gods law and the constitution of the United States by failing to secure the blessings of liberty for our mothers, daughters and sisters. Requiring a woman to bear a child against her accord further denigrates women and is appalling, disingenuous, and abhorrent when contrasted to the lack of outrage regarding the millions of fatherless children that grow up today.Where is our focus on laws requiring boys to become men?  There are none

Our creator bestowed on all of us the right to be free and the right to choose. As a civilized society, we are empowered to make laws to protect all of us; however, I am unable to grasp why men continue to believe they know best and have a right to tell women what to do with their persons. Who gave you the right to choose? I support life but these positions are unrealistic and not sustainable. So the next time you advocate a belief, believing you have the right to obstruct a women’s rights, ask yourself what are you really advocating?

Right or wrong the benefits and consequences of removing a women’s right and access to healthcare initiatives in reproductive health care not only affect women and their future children but have long-term social and economical impacts, positive and negative on the country as a whole. We have over a million people in prison and millions of unloved and abused children growing up to become adults with a lifetime of unresolved issues.

We must increase funding for health care education and health care initiatives bringing greater awareness to the consequences of unprotected sex, and the positive and negative impacts these choices have on all of us.

Many teenage boys visit and utilize Planned Parenthood’s services around this country and we forget to look at the support this organization brings to Americas male youth. Let’s not forget that it takes two people to make a child. Supporting a woman’s reproductive rights is supporting the future of America. Protect life, support others and live well. The right to choose is universal