Workers are the foundation of American Greatness. Everything great comes from the hard efforts of working people. Unions have fought to be the voice of the American worker, supporting workers and giving them the resources to better their lives. The way forward is here and now. These new rules ought to be added to current directives and in doing so insure a working relationship with businesses while returning American manufacturing might to America. The workers of this country did not create the financial mess this country is in, no this mess is a textbook example of corporate greed, crashing markets while exploiting workers here and abroad. Americans are the hardest hit and it is our dollars that generate the fuel corporate America runs on and quite frankly the world

1. Collective bargaining is not collective if the people bargaining are not a majority of the class. Therefore, all unions must have 25% of the workers present in collective bargaining negotiations and employers should present such fiscal plans in a fashion that allows for the interpretation by the negotiating block. Union leaders should be tasked with communicating the will of the block to the members at large allowing the negotiating members to return to work after they have decided on a course of action, return power to the people

2. Its okay to renew collective bargaining agreements in their present form, employment is always better then unemployment. A increase in ones salary is earned, this is not a right. Marginalization of the issue diminishes work ethic and disregards the competitive world we live in.  To each his own shall always remain true in the world of employment.

3. Employers should only engage in wage reduction for future hires never existing personal. The practice is distasteful considering that a significant portion of a companies diluted market share is typically a result of poor management and the perpetual stock growth at any cost mentality. What good is growth today if it closes the doors tomorrow?

4. Unions should always strike in the face of wage reduction proposals for current workers and unions should be prepared to understand that if a business unit is not profitable then unfortunately people have to go, it is much better to loose workers then negate our worth in accepting wage reductions, even if doing so saves jobs. The right to bargain is forever

5. Return of fifty one percent of union dues to the worker! It is not supportable for union members to have an added tax every week in the name of collective bargaining and representation. Union leadership does its job by ensuring profitability, and then its members live well in the context of their accepted positions. Returning half of the dues should leave enough funding to cover the unions political activities and sustain positive leadership.

6. Union members should realize that pay is not without limitations and these organizations have owners and stakeholders. Unions, governments and employers should work together to move American business in a way that brings American ingenuity back to the forefront of the world

7. If it would get you fired at a non-union employer then it should get you fired as a union employee, the bad actions of a few cast the rest of us in an unfavorable light and they should be purged from the ranks within. With limited exception, union employees should yield to the three-strike rule which is two strikes more then non-union employees. Its that simple

America is great, governments, employers and employees are better off when every one has a voice. American equality requires compromise by all parties. The way forward is building upon the foundation that exists while renovating the structure from within while re-enforcing our commitment to workers. Support America and support workers everywhere