Governments can not sit by and watch as the basic fundamental principles of human rights are violated. It is the duty of this country to rise up and speak when atrocities and human suffering are at large. It may be necessary in the capacity of any nation to protect the legitimacy of its rein but in doing so must adhere to basic human rights regarding the children of this world. Where individuals stand so must we stand beside them. We can only look back to another time in history when people saw such violence and choose not to act! We must not allow the continued sanctity of life to be breached in a measure that seeks to destroy life not over an act of aggression but over an act of humility and the expression of non-violent free will. Governments are duly charged with protecting against internal hostile threats.

This is not the case in Zimbabwe’s and as an Americans we are required to immediately set up protected zones to help those that have no defense, who have no voice, and who’s children suffer at the expense of inaction. As an American as a New Yorker I am tired of seeing the same inaction against hostile entities as they lay havoc to a class of people unable to defend themselves its time for us to provide a minimal barrier of protection or at the least provide a minimal level of capacity allowing them an opportunity to survive. Our inability to act presents immoral suffrage to us in the eyes of our beholder.